PAX 3™


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Can vaporize Herbs, Waxes
Manufacturer PAX Labs
Size (length x width x height) 2,1 x 1,9 x 9,8 cm
Vaporizer Weight 142 g
Style Silver, Rose Gold, Black, and Teal
Power Source Battery
Heating Element Stainless steel oven (Conductive heating)
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture Designed in San Francisco, USA. Manufactured in China
Warranty 10 years
Rose Gold
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The PAX 3 by PAX Labs (Ploom) is perfect for use as a stand-alone vaporizer, but it also features Bluetooth capability which enables it to be paired with a smartphone, opening up exciting new possibilities for more enjoyable and convenient vaping sessions. The four pre-set heat paths are: efficiency, flavor, boost, and stealth. Efficiency mode is probably the best choice for general use; it keeps increasing the oven temperature throughout the course of the session. Flavor mode is designed to optimize the smoothness of flavor, which takes priority over the density of the clouds. Boost mode keeps the oven hotter over a longer period and therefore shortens the auto-cooling periods, which makes it ideal for quick, intense sessions and users looking for the densest vapor. Stealth mode is essentially the exact opposite; it increases the cooling time and is good for those who like very light vapor.


On the outside, the new PAX3 vaporizer by PAX Labs looks very much like its predecessor, the PAX 2. It has the same elegant but robust anodized aluminum casing, beloved by PAX 2 users because it is sophisticated enough to match the elegance of even the most formal of occasions, but still sturdy enough to be thrown into a backpack and taken out and about, even into the great outdoors. The refreshed PAX 3™ vape comes in an updated color scheme, now including Black, Teal, Silver, and Rose Gold. In addition to its beautiful and convenient LED light petals, the PAX 3™ has haptic feedback. I.e. vibrates to let you know it’s ready for use.


What’s new?

Of course, it takes far more than external good looks to make for an optimum vaping experience. And the PAX 3™ is more than equipped to deliver where it counts. Starting at the top, this PAX 3™ vaporizer comes with a choice of two mouthpieces to accommodate different user preferences. The new concentrates insert will be of huge benefit to the many who want to easily, conveniently, and effectively use a single vaporizer for both types of aromatherapy blends. The new PAX 3 vape. It also comes with a half pack oven lid for single-session users, which addresses what was arguably the only niggle about the PAX 2

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