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To begin with, AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing patients with pure, safe, and potent cannabis concentrates. These cannabis plant-starts are grown in greenhouses and on small family farms throughout Northern California. When ready, they’re harvested and transported to Santa Rosa for processing. The plant materials used by ABX are tested for pesticides, molds, and bacteria. After passing inspection, the herb is dried, cured, and processed in a pharmaceutical-grade “clean” room. Absolute Xtract packages their cannabis oil is specially made THC vape cartridges that are designed to ensure easy flow and a reliable draw. Consistent with the reliability of the company, no additives are added. Lastly, Buy Absolute Xtracts cannabis oil vape cartridges Online from Classic THC Vapes today!

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Furthermore, AbsoluteXtracts is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils. Made with the best sungrown, whole-plant cannabis that California has to offer. Cleanly extracted using CO2 without the use of toxic solvents or additives, in a variety of convenient and precisely-dosed applications.

There are certain rare benefits to being a cannabis company. Also, created and staffed by long-time industry growers and professionals. The most unique among them being our complete control of every aspect of our production processes. That means cultivation, extraction, and formulation. Besides, we have always embraced this as our commitment to transparency. Also to sustainability, and ensuring the highest quality cannabis products for our valued patients and customers.

From the tiny green seedling on our farms to the final lab-tested and quality-assured product on your shelf. Our vertically integrated, seed-to-shelf company model allows us to maintain oversight of the entire life of our products. This also means that we’re able to offer high-quality products at the most competitive prices for patients because we don’t rely on third-party services that lead to inflated cannabis market prices.

It is our goal to assure you that we are, and always will be, the best family of cannabis brands in the industry. Our products continue to grow in outstanding quality with our continuing investments in industry-leading extraction equipment, cutting-edge research, and ongoing product development.

Additional information

Additional information

Absolute Xtracts

AC/DC, Blackberry Kush, Blue City Diesel, Blue Dream, CensoredLand, Chem Dawg, Cherry Pie, Durban Lime, Durban Sherbet, GDP, GG #4, Gorilla Snacks, GSC, Jack Herer, Lemon Cake, OG Kush, Omija, Pineapple Afghani, SFV OG, Sour Diesel

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